Thursday, September 19, 2013

Iceland Day 3

Don't worry, I intend to finish blogging about our Icelandic extravaganza! Things have just been quite busy here the first 4 weeks into the fall semester.

Day 3 continued to be amazing. We rented a tiny car to take from Reykjavík inland towards Gullfoss. As we left the busy capitol we were suddenly surrounded by rolling green fields, horses, sheep, purple flowers, mountains, and very few cars in sight. Here is a taste of what we experienced this day:

 Our first pit stop just to adjust luggage and find our road map. Stunning, huh?

These purple flowers are everywhere in southern Iceland. Everywhere.

Our rental car! This could be a vehicle ad...

Along with the purple flowers there were horses left and right. 

The famous Great Geysir. Just make sure to plug your nose (Mmmm, sulphur)...

The Gullfoss waterfall. This photo can't begin to describe the massiveness of this waterfall. 

Viking carved stones next to a church.

One of my favorite photos from the trip. Point and shoot - no photo editing! Can I live here, please?

Taking a stroll beside the church of Skálholt.

Inside the church at Skálholt. I love the mosaic in the center. 

The Hjálparfoss waterfall. We withstood hundreds of pesky midges to see this!

Driving back to our hotel near Gullfoss we encountered some horses being corralled.

The day ended with the most mouth-watering rhubarb crumble at our hotel.

Up next: Day 4 - adventures in 34 degree snorkeling...

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