Monday, August 26, 2013

the beginning of the end

Well folks, today I officially started a school year for the last time in my life (as a student, at least). It is my third year of grad school and I'm scheduled to graduate May 2014. I can't be more excited. Don't get me wrong, even though grad school wasn't quite what I envisioned, I've learned more about myself in the past 2+ years than in the previous 24 years of my life combined! So no matter what kind of job I take after I graduate, I'm glad I've learned certain things and had certain experiences in grad school.

5 {generalized} tips I've learned in grad school so far:
1. Find a balance between having fun and being strictly professional. Halloween parties and birthday celebrations are always a must. So is professional communication and respect.
2. Don't change your personality. Figure out what character traits you possess that you can benefit from and learn to bring those to the forefront in your work rather than trying to change who you are.
3. Confidence (or the appearance of confidence) is vital. Don't let intimidation or some one else's plumped up resume make you nervous. Do your homework and know that if some one gave you this position or task, you have the abilities to be successful at it. 
4. You can either say what you want or get what you want, but not both. (Ok, I actually learned this from Austin who learned it from one of his professors, but it is too wise to leave off this list.)
5. Define your values and do not abandon them. Even if it means being the odd one out or not being the most liked person in the room at the time. Defend these values.

I'm unsure of the original source this came from because I received it from some one via text (very un-gradschool like to not cite my source!), but I love this quote. Neil, you're a cool guy. 

What lessons have you learned from school - college - grad school?

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  1. Happy last first day of school - it's gotta be bittersweet


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