Wednesday, June 26, 2013

saturday in downtown dallas

A couple of weekends ago Austin and I were able to take a Saturday to visit some great sites in downtown Dallas. We visited the large, kid-friendly, food-truck haven Klyde Warren Park. We trekked through the new, interactive, cram-packed Perot Museum of Nature & Science. We toured the (free!) Crow Collection of Asian Art that seems to be expanding. And last but not least, we enjoyed the modern pieces of art at the Nasher Sculpture Center. The Nasher Sculpture Center was hosting a special exhibit from Katharina Grosse that I particularly enjoyed. Slip on shoe covers and enter the work made of dirt, rubble, dust, and paint!

 We also enjoyed the outdoor area. These headless figures were intriguingly creepy:

 And this amalgamation of metal was so cool! Only at a certain angle could you see the shape of a human body in the sculpture:

The center also had a kick-ass gift shop with some great tunes I shazamed, but I saved my dollars as most items were a little pricey even though they were super cool. 

I truly enjoyed all of these visits, but I recommend not visiting the Perot Museum on a Saturday - it was like an endless sea of children running and playing on all of the exhibits. Perhaps a weekday would have been better!  Have you made any interesting trips or visits lately?


  1. I completely agree with you on the Perot Museum. I actually did not touch a single thing while I was there because kids were sticking their hands / mouths / etc on everything. I'm not a germaphobe but WHEW!

  2. I love a good trip to the museum!

  3. This is all extremely cool!


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