Friday, June 14, 2013

go where the people dance

what do you think? I revamped my blog a bit with a new header and some other minor changes. I'm liking it. The only thing I'm not so sure about is the muted gray color scheme. Is it too melancholy of a theme to go with for a non-melancholy blog? Any color suggestions? I may get sick of this color scheme before long so be prepared for a drastic change at any moment!

I would now like to stop and give a shout out to the awesome website Pic Monkey. It was fairly simple to create a new custom header for my blog with their (free!) tools. How did I not know this existed until now? The internet is a glorious thing...

One other new thing is my blog subtitle. I can't seem to find a person to cite for that quote, but I do love it. I discovered it on Pinterest (of course) and was also considering these wise sayings for my subtitle:

They're all wonderful, but I do like to go where people dance...

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  1. I do really like the header... it's a mix of travel and nostalgia and that's the type of mood I'm in this summer as well


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