Sunday, February 10, 2013

very cool - no pun intended

It's true - Austin and I booked flights to Iceland for vacation in July.  Insane, right!?  

We've been eyeing the country for quite some time and I got so excited when I clicked "purchase" this afternoon I really thought I might pee my pants.  We have saved up thousands of credit card points for years and so we basically got one ticket plus some for free.  

Some things I'm excited about:
- whale watching
- the blue lagoon
- 20 hours of daylight
- the northern lights (possibly)
- puffins
- Reykjavik
- beautiful landscapes

image via here.


  1. Oh, wow!!! Congrats! :) Now you have something awesome to look forward to ... Although the 20 hours of light thing isn't so great (dealt with it when I was in Europe), other than that it all sounds amazing!

  2. So exciting! Have fun planning... :-)

  3. i am so jealous! i have always wanted to go there!

  4. Enjoy!
    So jealous!
    Excited for you!


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