Wednesday, January 2, 2013

welcome to 2013

Happy New Year, folks!
Seeing as how all of my 2012 resolutions were met with failure (ouch that seems harsh!) I decided to make 2013 a year for mini resolutions that give me time to accomplish tasks I've been intending to work on anyhow.  In the midst of grad school insanity I don't think I can make major diet or exercise changes  even if they would make me healthier and happier.  I really just need to bake something sometimes! (And by that I mean when I have a crappy day at school/work I need some home made sweets.)  So this year's resolutions are:

01.  Write in my journal every evening. This gets tough if I have a late night of work, but if I postpone it until the next day I forget certain things of the day before!
02.  Replenish our savings account.  I have a particular dollar amount written down, but I feel that is a little too personal to drift around on the internets.  We'd like to have less so we can travel more in the future!
03.  Revamp this blog by July 2013.  I've been meaning to for a while, so hopefully posting it on here will make me more accountable.  I have some ideas but need to get some help (any ideas for help please let me know)!  I also plan to post more frequently, despite grad school insanity.

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Sound good?  I think so.  
~ Have a fantastic new year ~

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  1. I have a goal to revamp my blog, also. Well, get a new header and such. I've had that goal for three years, so maybe this will be the year!!!!


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