Sunday, December 30, 2012


I know it is late nearly a week - but merry christmas!  We spent 6 days in Oklahoma visiting our families.  It was wonderful.  Lots of time to visit, great food, and no thoughts of work or school at all!  The only sad part was that we got no snow in northern Oklahoma and north Texas actually did get snow!  My neighbor texted me a pic of our Texas house with snow just so I could see it.  Maybe we'll get more snow here in January or February!  Fingers crossed.

One of my favorite ornaments - given to us for our wedding by family friends.

All decorated!

Fun holiday things to do each day before Christmas.

Recipe cards written by my mom and grandma.  There was LOTS of baking going on.

The tree at my parent's house all lit up.

All of the "kids" - the youngest is 17 now!  


I hope you had a fantastic holiday.
Best wishes for all to come in 2013!

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