Wednesday, August 8, 2012

four years

Four years ago today I married a wonderful man.
I'm so happy we've had each other to lean on through all of the happy times and hard times.
I love Austin for his ever-growing intelligence, offbeat humor, commitment to the values he believes in, and his never-ending love and support for his family.  

Now for a short trip back in time...

{beautiful day outside}

{went off without a hitch}

{8 is a lucky number in chinese culture}

{loved our wedding cake}

{I was worried - but he was nice!}

{Austin's mom during his memorable toast}

{my dad, aunt, and mom during Austin's toast}

{wonderful evening full of fun}

{we danced a lot}

{perfect wedding... off to the honeymoon}

Photos by Wedd Photography

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  1. Love it! Glad you guys had another great anniversary! : )


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