Sunday, July 15, 2012

San Francisco {part 2}

I have to post again about San Francisco because we did so much!  It can't fit into a single post.  We (my parents and I) spent all day Sunday driving over the Golden Gate bridge, hiking in Muir Woods, and driving along the coastal towns and beaches.  It was foggy but still so beautiful!  I could certainly live in a town like Sausalito.  

{Golden Gate Bridge on a foggy day}

{Muir Woods National Monument}

{A typical dad picture:  He's looking for the Visitor Center... according to the sign it is underground}

{Look off point along Highway 1}

{Stinson Beach, California.  It was frigid.  I put my feet in but they felt like ice cubes.  
And other people were swimming in bikinis!}

{Looking off of the Point Reyes Lighthouse.  
We had to climb down and up enough stairs to equal a 30 story building!  It was worth it.}

{I love this pic.  Mom & dad looking off into the abyss.}

Stay tuned for more updates from the San Francisco trip!

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