Saturday, May 26, 2012

may happenings

I haven't blogged for nearly 3 weeks - yikes!  I've been busy with work, school, and social happenings and haven't caught up.  So I will catch you up now!  

May 4  - went to OKC for Ali & Colter's wedding!  The Time Machine Band was so much fun.
May 8  - took my first Ananda Yoga class at The Yoga Hut in Denton.
May 10 - finished my first year of grad school!
May 12 - Ponce rolled on a mound of fire ants.  Off to the emergency animal hospital.
May 13 - birthday party at Amie's!  Discovered there is a beer I like.
May 15 - took an aerial class, but not the same as Perpetual Motion...
May 16 - made chocolate peanut butter surprises with Will & Liz!
May 19 - late Mother's Day celebration in Oklahoma!
May 21 - visited the Oak St. Draft House in Denton.  Very cool.  And I like another beer.
May 22 - visited the new NV Cupcakes in Denton.  This could be bad...
May 23 - free summer ballet class at TWU!  Join us every Wednesday at 6:30.
May 24 - home made ravioli with Melissa & Amanda... delicious!
May 25 - "Limitation Breeds Possibility" - the end of Amii LeGendre's 2-week dance workshop.
May 26 - went to the pool with Austin.  So refreshing!

On tomorrow's agenda: cookout with our new grill Maggie & Larry gave us!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Congrats on finishing your first year of grad school!! And going to the pool sounds just perfect right now!

  2. It has certainly been a busy month for you! I had a great time on our slightly extended weekend! 2 more weeks then 1 month of pure joy!!!


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