Tuesday, May 1, 2012

may day

Happy May today!
I just finished my last assignment of the semester (or so I think).
I'm officially 1/3 through grad school - oh yes.  

Now I'm ready for a non-homework-filled summer.  I feel like every summer I tell myself it is going to be relaxed and easy going but it never ends up quite so care free.  Things come up and even though there is no homework there are still chores to be done and money to be made.  Therefore, I'm not making any extraordinary goals for my summer.  I think that giving myself too many unnecessary expectations stresses me out and in turn I accomplish less.  I'm going to take things as they come ... though I am hoping to read as much Game of Thrones as I can the next few months :)

Welcome, warm months and summery drinks!

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  1. Cheers to the end of a super successful semester for you!!! I am ready for some summery drinks and some Leslie time!


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