Thursday, March 15, 2012

1/3 done

I have been slacking on my March posts! My second semester of graduate school is more than half over now. Crazy and wonderful! I'm learning great things and I love most of my classes... but I did enjoy being out in the working world before I went back to school. Only 2 more years after this semester! And time is flying quite quickly actually.

Tomorrow is my first choreography showing of a solo I made for an undergraduate at school. She is an awesome dancer and this is my favorite piece I've made so far. I can't wait to show it! We are using "Mad Rush" by Phillip Glass for music. Love the song!
Spring break is this next week. I'm ready for a vacation! Too bad I couldn't go back to Switzerland. I found this photo on Flickr (craftydogma) and I SWEAR it is the exact place we were at in Switzerland when I went with a band in 2003. Cool!
We will be going to good ole Oklahoma for several days to visit families and relax for spring break. We miss OKC!

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  1. hope ur showing went well!


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