Saturday, February 11, 2012

baby fever

After working full-time at a child care center for 1 1/2 years, babysitting for some of the kiddos, and watching some of my friends have kids of their own... I have a serious case of baby fever. I miss seeing those kids everyday and having fun, hilarious (ok, and also frustrating) happenings on a daily basis. I learned a whole lot about children and parenting.

When I moved here to Texas I couldn't get a child care job due to my insanely uncooperative school and rehearsal schedule (I'm not exaggerating - it is quite ridiculous). But I finally found a nice couple in need of a babysitter. I had my interview today and got the job! It's not like it is going to bring me much of a paycheck or anything (it is only occasional), but I look forward to getting to know little Mr. Ezra!

I confessed to my cousin Sarah last weekend that Austin and I have a list of baby names... yep. It is getting pretty serious! I'm not going to tell you our top names, though. We agree on girl names more often but boy names not so much. For example, Austin thinks that Tiberius is a good name. . . . I'm not kidding (sadly). Hopefully by the time we have a baby Austin will come to his senses... I mean, we can both agree on some wonderful baby names :)

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  1. You're twisting it just a bit. I think Tiberius would be a great middle name!


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