Sunday, January 29, 2012

thanks to Lee

My wonderful corner-neighbor, Lee, knows I like to bake. The other day when I was getting mail he asked if I have ever made pudding because he had a bunch of bananas and wafers so I could make banana pudding. I gladly accepted his ingredients and made my first banana pudding ever. It was delicious (one of Austin's favorites now)!

Recipe & below photo via Martha Stewart.
I've also been eating up this tasty peach jam my mom gave me. 
Made in Oklahoma!


  1. Looks heavenly...YUM*
    My dream is to make homemade jam one day!
    Lovely weekend to you Leslie~

  2. Mmmm...this looks scrummy! :)

  3. Oh man- I could really go for some of that right this minute. Yum!

  4. She's beautiful and she makes great treats! How'd I end up with such a catch?!


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