Wednesday, January 11, 2012

gotta work on my skills

I really love good photography. It is something I would like to get better at, just for my own enjoyment. I already take pictures all the time but now I'm trying to figure out how to work more settings on my camera... and I'm trying to figure out photoshop. I'm not super tech-savvy so photoshop is going to take a while for me to figure out! But I'm workin' on it...

While I work on my skills, here are some neat Pinterest finds:
01. flickr 02. colossal 03. piccsy


  1. love the pictures. I also like photography, but do not understand photoshop at alllll....however, I have used lightroom before :)

  2. Seriously loving these pictures - gorg! :)

  3. You are great at capturing and framing images! You'll figure photoshop out with time :)


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