Wednesday, November 30, 2011

most wonderful time of the year

Now that Thanksgiving flew by in a flash, it is time to enjoy the Christmas season! Austin and I put our tree up along with house decorations and outdoor Christmas lights. My mom and I started a fun habit: every day we send each other one picture of something that gets us in the mood for Christmas! Christmas music, decorated tree, light festivals, December magazines, and holiday bows! I am very excited for Christmas but I know it will fly by far too quickly, as always...

The tree is up! Zoe chewed through some of the light wiring the first night we had the tree up,
so we had to get new lights and sprinkle cinnamon all over the tree...
Enjoying cider and decorations at the Christmas Tree Farm.
We found a Christmas tree for Austin's mom and my parents found a tree!
Massive Christmas tree at the Galleria. Crazy shopping season... I prefer online shops!


  1. yay for christmas! i love your tree! that's funny you have to sprinkle cinnamon on it, i wonder if that would work for babies haha! and i've never been to the galleria, can you believe it?! we should go sometime : ) let's get together soon!

  2. That picture of our tree makes the star look epic!


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