Tuesday, October 11, 2011

happy (late) birthday, austin

So Wednesday, October 5th was Austin's 26th birthday!
Can't believe we've been together for all of our birthdays since 17 & 18 :)
Family & Friends came to visit from Oklahoma!
Austin, his brother Alex, his mom Terri
Terri brought this for our garden, as well as some pretty flowers:
We had fun touring the Dallas World Aquarium, playing a sushi card game, and eating at Palio's Pizza and Blue Mesa Grill.
We got to feed the toucans!
Seahorses and Seadragons...
and THEY BROUGHT CUPPIES & JOE!!!!!!! Oh how I'd been missing it.
Ponce was sad to see them leave...
For Aust's gift I gave him a new calculator watch (he can't find his old one since we moved) and I made him homemade funfetti cupcakes (he always has to have funfetti for his birthday). I also made some 'birthday coupons' redeemable anytime he chooses!
These days when at home I'm doing a lot of this:
Qualitative Research is actually very enlightening... just a little tedious as well.
So we take naps on weekends to enjoy family time :)
How is your October?
I'm ready for Halloween :)

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  1. What a great birthday it was! Thank you for the wonderful gifts and great fun :)


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