Friday, August 26, 2011

goodbye adulthood, hello school (again)

Texas is ok so far. At least the part I live in has lots of fun stuff.
My brother-in-law is visiting this weekend, and next weekend my parents are visiting! Austin and I used to go back to Ponca City fairly often, so it is weird that we may not go back until Thanksgiving and then Christmas. But we've always been lucky to live so close (it used to be only 1 1/2 hours away)... lots of families live far away. And if we'd have gone to New York like we had the opportunity to do, I think it was going to be 21 or 22 hours away... that makes 5 hours not seem so bad!

This is my last weekend before grad school begins- I am ready.
Tuesday we had an MFA meeting and Wednesday was a placement class. I got to move up to the most advanced classes for ballet and modern so that was exciting! And I have a job interview Tuesday... wish me luck that I will not only do well in my interview, but that my schedule will work out with what they need!

So nearly everything is unpacked and in its 'place' (for now). I realized as I've been placing things and trying to decorate (I say 'trying' because I don't consider myself a great decorator) I realized I think my personal decorating style is worldly/vintage looking/eclectic. Any one have any tips for making this work without looking like random crap and trinkets laying around? :) I like keeping little momentums and things from travels and special occasions, but it is hard for me to arrange them pleasingly, at least without buying a bunch of new furniture and shelves and painting every room, etc...

I think lots of the things I like about the following are their colors, walls, floors, furniture, decor and general design of the room. So everything? I guess these people just start from scratch when they move into a new place!?!?

This is the style I think mine would like to be:
Anyway... what's your style? Or what do you think it is anyway?
(I've realized I like lots of styles, just don't think they'd all work for me.)

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  1. I'm so proud of you and also excited for you to experience your first day as a grad student!!! Also, I love the lighting in all those rooms!


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