Saturday, July 23, 2011

i'll miss them...

I've been packing! Today Austin and I really made a dent in things. Though now I realize I still have some things to get in order for Arts Adventure that starts on Monday (I'm teaching dance)!

In addition to packing, I had my last day of work... I'll miss my kiddos!
These were 2 of my favorite kids :)
My friend from work, Kristen, gave me this for our new place in Texas:
Austin and I made some yummy foods:
strawberry salad (via Erin)
panera-style mac & cheese
kineret challah bread
delicious berry cobbler (also via Erin)
Dan is quite a beggar :)
Met up with Kristen for cupcakes:
Met up with AKat (Aaron & Katie) to try Cheever's... yum!
Traveled to Texas with mom to check on the house, do some things at TWU, buy this new desk, visit the aquarium, and go to the Texas Discovery Gardens. Of course we also made a stop at Anthropologie!
I've also been rehearsing with the company for the Oklahoma Contemporary Dance Festival. (Aug 5 & 6... don't miss it!) We are re-setting one of my favorite pieces, "Belonging", choreographed by Amy Querin.
What've you been up to!?

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  1. I'm glad we got to experience so many new things and so many of our favorites in OKC before we left. I miss OKC, but I am excited about our new life here!


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