Sunday, July 10, 2011

july whizzing by...

July 10th... seriously!?
My parents weren't kidding when they told me time flies when you get older!

We traveled to Texas recently and found a rental house to move to in August. Its nice to have something taken care of - lots of things are still up in the air.

We visited family in Ponca City for the 4th of July- Ponce loves taking trips:
I have been trying to enjoy my favorites of OKC for the last month we'll be living here (it is quite possible we may never move back...):
(okay... I was only going to get a couple of cupcakes that day, but I'd just had a terrible day at work!)

We went to a Ben Folds concert in Tulsa which was awesome.
Did you know he is 44? I did not know that. I think as I get older I think older people are younger (because secretly I wish I was younger still).

And we spent a nice evening with our friends Erin, Michael, and Amos.
She made some delicious veggie lasagna, strawberry salad, and we brought ice cream. Happy national ice cream month!

Perpetual Motion is back in full swing after a 3 week summer break.
I'm going to miss aerial dance when I move to Texas!
Maybe I can find a place to rig and start aerial classes at TWU :)
These photos are from Rebekah Hampton's new company Fall Dance!
(She used to be in Perpetual Motion with me)

How is your July flying by?


  1. excited you guys found a place, but i'm sad you're leaving! but...hopefully we'll get to see you in TX a lot! those aerial pics are beautiful. i've always wanted to do that. let's get together so soon and maybe go to cuppies! p.s. thanks for the family photo of us : )

  2. Reading this really makes me want to eat a horse bite cupcake… and rock hard on the tambourine ;)


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