Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day #2

I can't express to you how wonderful it has been to be at home the past 2 days with no where to be at any particular time and no deadlines to have things finished by. And no alarm to wake up to!

Today consisted of:
making cinnamon waffles for breakfast (add 1 tsp cinnamon)
learning that my TWU audition is postponed :(
getting dressed (I didn't stay in the pj's today... mainly so I could put them in the wash)
doing laundry
making a hanger-ribbon in the laundry room
completing the 2nd to last unit of my wedding planner certification
making seahorse foil art
doing dishes
watching the news (its crazy whats happening in Egypt...)
taking pictures
organizing my torn magazine recipes
surfing blogs
and making THIS delicious flourless chocolate cake recipe (we ran out of flour making naan bread yesterday... not to worry!)... I didn't have enough cocoa powder so I added some instant coffee and it tasted great!

Aust and Ponce played in the snow a bit... even though it was only 10 degrees... at most.
Some of my findings while blog-surfing today:
Some valentine's day inspired rooms: (notice the seahorses in the first!)


  1. My day consisted of (Drumroll……..)
    Napping! And it was glorious!

    Thank you for the delicious cake!

    Also, why do your pictures always turn out so much better than mine?

  2. Cinnamon waffles... mmm :)
    Lovely bedrooms, very nice post Leslie!


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