Monday, February 21, 2011

new things

Update on the new years resolutions...

It was difficult to eat healthy last week since it was teacher appreciation week at work... they brought in breakfast and lunch for us everyday, then my class had a valentine's day party on friday :) Fun, fun!

We have tried these 2 new veggies in the past 2 weeks:

green baby squash
on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 the tastiest) I'd give it a 7. It wasn't bad at all, just kind of neutral, but the nice texture and size bumped it up on the scale :) Austin used it in a vegetable soup we had. Mmm...
white asparagus
on the same scale from 1 to 10 I'd give it a 2. It was gross. Maybe it was a bad batch or the 2 things we cooked it in were just bad, but it had a chewy texture along with a slightly nasty taste. Maybe we just didn't find a good recipe for it?!
In other news, I am really tempted to purchase these earrings by jackdawpilate on etsy:
especially since rainy season is near...

And I really love this print (by amanda cherie) I found while blog-surfing.


  1. I really like that print! I think you need to take that to heart. Also, I am very proud of you for keeping up with your resolutions.

  2. you are inspiring me to try new fruits and veggies! i love those earrings : ) i love the print too, but i hate to say it...that person spelled "lose" wrong. you should tell her and get her to create a new print for you!

  3. wonderful and inspiring!

  4. Erin- I thought the exact same thing about the print… I even wrote about it on the blog, then Aust pointed out that is part of 'loosing' the fear of being wrong… I get it now! So I erased that correction from the blog post :)


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