Sunday, February 20, 2011

lovely weekend

So, I didn't want to take off of work AGAIN because I've asked off so much for grad school auditions and dance performances... so I didn't get to go to the Pilot festival this past weekend :( The trio had fun and did great, I hear!

I've also got baby fever lately. My friend Erin is due any day now (actually March 3... but I'm guessing sooner!), Rebecca from the dance company is pregnant as of January, and I just found out my friend from Recipe Club, Megan, is pregnant! Too much to handle... I'm so excited for everyone! It is a bit sad to think that if I go to grad school and have a baby after, I'll have a newborn while my friends' babies are 4 years old! Oh well, everyone has a time that works for them... I'll just have to be patient :)

Anywho, to keep my mind off of baby things, I've been surfing non-baby blogs and websites :) Here are some of my lovely recent finds:

via maryink on Etsy
fun for dance class
via moloco on Etsy
cute decoration or vday gift
via bellapuzzles on Etsy
some fun downtime!
via warmnfuzzies on Etsy
nice for our couch!?
via rbgcolor on Etsy
useful if we move :)
next two via Calypso St. Barth:
lovely for our beach vacation over memorial day (...if only they were cheaper)
I forgot to mention... my hubby gave me a groupon for a massage & facial for Valentine's Day and I used it on Saturday at Eden Salon & Spa... it was great!

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  1. It's a little scary that the baby fever has become an epidemic, haha. I have had fun spending time with you this weekend! There are several things that you posted that I really like: earth pillow and moving card. Good finds!


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