Sunday, February 27, 2011

happy sunday

It has been a decent sunday.
Took perpetual motion company class from a great guest artist.
Played in the backyard with Ponce.
Applied for every TWU scholarship I could find as well as financial aid.
Organized my itinerary for the upcoming CA/NY trip.
Did laundry.
Cooked meatless burgers and purple potato fries for dinner.
Now I'm going to watch the Oscars!

Here are some of my latest favorite etsy finds:
And I've decided when Aust & I move, I'm going to put more thought into my wall decor/artwork/pictures... maybe like this:
Oh- and do you like my new fonts?


  1. Love the new format! You need to get in here so we can start watching!

  2. Purple potato fries? Sounds yum! Recipe please?

  3. Lyndsay- for the potato fries I used 2 small purple potatoes washed and sliced thin, dabbed on extra virgin olive oil, basil, celery salt, pepper, and maybe another spice or two (can't remember!), then I baked at 450. I baked them too long (some were burnt) so I'd guess you're supposed to bake them for 15-20 min?!


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