Monday, February 28, 2011

anthro picks-of-the-day

Monday came fast! I've been getting stuff done so I'm having fun now.
Went to works.
Did more laundry.
Paid bills.
Had lunch.
Checked email.
Packed for CA/NY (took a while!)

Now I'm off soon to go teach more and have our last perpetual motion rehearsal before going to California on Wednesday... yay! After that I'm flying straight to Rochester for my last grad school audition. Wish me luck, please! (can't wait for it to be over...)

Anthro picks of today (actually of last night...)
I'm terribly sad because the dress is sold out. Maybe they have it on sale in stores? Oh well, don't really have the money after all of these travels so thats probably a good thing...

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  1. You're coming to CA? How fun! I love your Anthro picks. I could spend all day in that store. :)


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