Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Christmas Happenings...

So I decided to share some of my wonderful gifts I received for Christmas. I have some very thoughtful family members... they know what I like :)

Aust gave me a pretty top from Anthro:
He also gave me a beautiful ring covered in x's and o's:
But it was a tad loose on my finger, so we exchanged it for this one in my size:

My parents gave me this:
And this lovely lululemon hoodie (which I am wearing tomorrow):
And there were other wonderful gifts given & received!

I had to get Austin a mitten-ice scraper :) He usually scrapes all the ice off of our cars in the winter time.
I also gave him the supermario brothers for wii, a multi-purpose radio/usb port/flashlight, purple socks, a fountain pen (which he is very proud of), and a wheatgrass growing kit. He likes very eclectic things ... as do I, I suppose!

We are pretty spoiled to have so many nice things. I mean, Ponce even got a wonderful "ruff wear" coat:
Thanks for all of the wonderful gifts, fam!

Can anyone tell me how to resize photos for my blog? I just realized these are varying sizes, but I'm not terribly computer-savvy...

Stay tuned for a New Years update. My resolutions start tomorrow, Jan. 3rd! I hope you had a happy holiday.

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  1. Sorry about the accidental comment, lol! It was indeed a very fruitful Christmas! I don't think Ponce is the only spoiled one ; )


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