Sunday, January 9, 2011

january update

Its beginning to look a lot like winter… finally! Today was our first snow day, though it wasn't much and it didn't stick. Hopefully I'll get to see lots of snow in New York & Ohio (but not so much that my flights get delayed or cancelled!)…

My head is going crazy right now. I've got too much on my plate, and like always it is all my own fault. I am excited for all of the things the beginning of this year will bring, but boy I can't wait for it to be over. I want to know where I'll be living in the fall, if I'll be going to grad school, where Austin will be working, and I can't wait to make myself less busy. I've actually calculated the hours I'm booked each week and I've vowed to myself to never book that many hours again :)

As of now… this is where I'd like to be (notice the seahorses):
But until life calms down a bit, I'm going to keep working on my resolutions.
So far so good:
Fewer sweets (except when my student, George, brought cookie cake to school)
Less procrastinating (gotta get these grad applications in!)
More loving (I snuzzled and napped with the pets for an hour today)

How's your new year going?


  1. i'm so excited for all your auditions : ) i can't wait for things to slow down too though. what a crazy year full of changes! oh, and i think it's so funny how you use the word "snuzzled". i'm pretty sure you're the only person i know who uses it : ) did you make it up? haha perfect...

  2. I don't really know where the word came from… Austin and I just use it all the time… usually in reference to the pets :)


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