Sunday, October 24, 2010

This N That...

Today was Recipe Club- we make some delicious food (I made pumpkin chocolate chip squares)! I want to spend as much quality time with all the friends I have ... especially now if I end up moving away next year for grad school... it will be happy and sad all in one!

I spent a wonderful Friday night and Saturday in Tulsa with my mom. Anthro was a little overwhelming, but we made it out alive and with money to spare, lol.

I found out recently that some one I used to dance with at UCO (Dillon Honiker) is now dancing professionally in NYC with a dance company... wish I could go... he is awesome! (That is him on the poster!)

My last thought of this blog: I found the perfect decoration for Erin's baby boy's nursery:


  1. I want some of those pumpkin bars!

  2. your pumpkin bars were awesome! michael took one to work and shared it with a friend, and now she wants the recipe : ) awww, those are the cutest little owls! most owls i find are girly!


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