Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lovely Saturday...

This post will be short. Zoe is sleeping on me so I am typing with one hand! She is such a stinker… a cute stinker!

So far this weekend I have:

01. Had a home-cooked meal with my husband.
02. Got nearly free stuff (under $2) at the mall with coupons.
03. Slept in until 8:30.
04. Watched excellent episodes of House and The Office.
05. Gained two dance classes to teach.
06. Attended Mistletoe Market with my someday-sister-in-law. (And got yummy free food samples and bought a couple gifts!)
07. Found two dogs and returned them to their owners.
08. Ate a delicious pumpkin cookie.

Now I'm off to make more laundry detergent and pick up a piano book I ordered!
Enjoy your lovely weekend!

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