Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nearly October...

I can't believe it will be October in 1 WEEK! Are there seriously only 3 months left of 2010!? It seems so strange that it will be 2011...

I am getting excited about Halloween! I bought some Halloween lights at Target for 2 bucks that will look pretty cool... we'll need to make a Jack-o-lantern in a couple weeks :)

Yesterday at a yard sale I bought a "can of lights"... it should have read "huge can of awesome lights"... for 2 bucks. It had 7 strands of lights, but only 5 work. But they are all different: plain & clear lights, flower lights, twinkling lights, twinkling to Christmas music lights, and fading in & out lights (my favorite). I am excited to use them!

Here are some spook-tacular crafts from Better Homes & Gardens:

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