Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Fun day...

Usually Mondays go a little slow coming back from a nice weekend... but this one went pretty quickly and was really pretty great! I taught 3 year-olds about the letter "I" (and we made pretty cool bumblebees...), I taught two ballet classes how to saute, I attended a scentsy party for a good friend, then I came home to my loving pets.

Plus, last night I made the most delicious smoothie with our new blender:
1/2 Cup lemon sorbet
1 Cup frozen blueberries
1 Cup applesauce
ice cubes
Amazing. The lemon sorbet itself it awesome- it was from Forward Foods but I can't remember the name of it... some Italian name :)

Now I'm ready to find a place just like this to relax and eat my lemon blueberry sorbet all day!
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