Sunday, September 26, 2010

chilly morning...

This morning I got to see the first fogged up backdoor window due to the chilly morning outside. I stepped out with Ponce, still barefoot and in PJs, and I had to go back in for a jacket and some shoes. I'm loving it... I just hope it stays... no more 90 degree weather, please!

My good friend, Erin, will be having a baby in March. I am incredibly excited. She finds out Tuesday if she is carrying a baby boy or a baby girl. I wonder what it feels like to be pregnant... I'll find out someday! By then, maybe Erin will have some tips for me :)

Today has been a very dancy day... Perpetual Motion rehearsals this morning and this evening I'm teaching a modern duet to two studio students... it's a fun piece, so I expect rehearsal to be fun!
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  1. We were having fall weather, and then today we were told it's going to be back up to triple digits! Crazy if you ask me. I'm hoping it cools down soon. That second picture is so cute!

  2. i'm loving this weather too! haha, i'll let you know everything i can by then! i had NO clue what to expect!


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