Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Escape Needed...

This is going to be the week from hell. It is so busy- and it is totally my fault for saying 'yes' to everything instead of an occasional 'no' when asked to participate in something. Here is a basic list of obligations this week:

00. Pack (moving in less than 2 weeks!)
01. Work (at Westminster)
02. Teaching (at Movement Innovations)
03. Sub Teaching (at Dance Phase)
04. Sub Teaching (at Victory)
05. Brother-in-law's high school graduation
06. Cousin-in-law's wedding
07. Good friend's wedding rehearsal
08. Good friend's wedding (playing violin)
09. Recital Dress Rehearsal
10. Studio Dance Recital
And sadly, I will be unable to attend my future sister-in-law's senior vocal recital due to conflict with my studio's dance recital. She is so wonderful, I'll be sad to miss it!

That is a lot of stuff. Boy I can not wait for it to be over at this point. I need a vacation... or at least a summery escape in my backyard... or France...

01. Arabella Lennox Boyd 02. Notebook Mag 03. Unknown 04. Homes & Garden Mag 05. La Porte Rouge


  1. Where are you guys moving?! Hopefully life will calm down for you! :) Cant wait for RC to commence in Amarillo!

  2. We are moving into the city- around 63rd & May- close to work! Its a rental house so we're excited :D I am VERY excited for our Amarillo vacation!

  3. That's so exciting girl! That's one of my favorite areas! :)


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