Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where, Oh Where...

does the time run off to!?

We are in the midst of a mini winter storm here in Oklahoma. I don't have work which is great for having fun but not so great on the finances. Oh well, I ordered some pants online anyway :)

Lately, I have *started up piano lessons *booked my first paying wedding coordinating gig *done loads and loads of laundry *put my Greek Language cd back into my car for practice *made a delicious chocolate chip tart dessert *looked further into MFA Dance programs (Mills, Hollins, Texas Women's, Laban) *Read my latest travel & dance magazines ...

and of course I've been working, dancing, and teaching :)

Now... you knew it was coming... today's Anthro Pick-of-the-Day! "Fish-out-of-water" necklace:

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