Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....

It really is! Lately I have:
- Put up a Christmas tree with ornaments
-decorated stockings for the pets

-made holiday cookies for a work Christmas party
-made more holiday cookies for RC

-Put up festive lights on the outside of our house
-Filled the advent calendar with treats
-Wrapped many gifts
-Drank delicious cider made by my husband

I am still in the process of making certain Christmas gifts for certain friends and family. I will post a picture when they are complete!

I also watched a Martha Stewart Christmas Special and I really would love to make these ornaments (shown above) some time if I can find the time! Here is one of my favorite ornaments on our tree:

This isn't exactly an ornament, but we did find our Zoe napping in the Christmas tree one day...

December is half over- yikes! Have a great one :)
Here is the Anthro pick-of-the-day... ... ... the dotty apron.

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