Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Joy

Today I turned 23 years old. 23 just sounds so much older than 22. I have felt like a true adult for quite some time now, but now I feel as though everyone that knows I am 23 will actually consider me an adult. This could be both good as well as a little sad. I plan to do great things this year, though! Such as:
* complete my wedding planning certification course
* donate all unnecessary items/clothing from our home to some one who can use them
* find an animal shelter (hopefully PetAngels) to volunteer for
* choreograph a dance for a small professional dance company
* make a pretty intense gift for my husband for a holiday (the time it takes to complete it will determine the holiday it can be given at)
* find 2 more members to play in a string quartet again
Those are just a few of the more major ones...

Today my husband, parents, brother, sister-in-law, cousin, & cousin's boyfriend all came together for some birthday fun! My sis-in-law, mom, and I went to the mall (I was treated to some new pants and tops for work!) and then we all dined at Cheesecake Factory. Boy do they have the best turkey burger ever made. And oh how I love honey mustard! Then we came home to eat some delicious home-made chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting my mom made. Yum!

This picture I took by accident, but I like it. I'm cozied up on my bed, with my house shoes, crochet basket, books, and exercise ball all in plain view.

Lately I've been obsessed with taking pictures of my adorable pets. I will post a few pics of my furry little babies for you to enjoy.

PONCE smelling the flowers:
DAN's beautiful eyes:
DAN basking in the sunlight (we never even attempt to clean nose-marks off windows...)
ZOE taking a cat nap:
DAN my man:
PONCE giving kisses:

If you happen to read this blog, live in Oklahoma, enjoy dance and other artistic things, and have nothing to do on Friday, November 13th, you should attend Perpetual Motion's fall dance concert "Retrospective" and silent auction beginning at 7:00pm at CityArts Center on the State Fairgrounds! I have been promoted to being in 2 dances this concert (rather than 1 from my first concert with the company) and all of the pieces are sure to entertain!

I am also in love with seahorses. They are magnificent creatures... did you know most seahorses are monogamous?! Anyway, the first photo is of the seahorses my mom bought me at her hometown OctoberFest. The second is a drinking glass I bought on sale at Pier1.

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