Tuesday, June 2, 2009

feeling blue.

Lately I have been a bit depressed:
I can't get enough hours at my evening job,
Some of the dance classes I teach were cancelled due to low summer enrollment,
Austin's job was eliminated with no notice since they aren't too busy after tax season,
and I'm having no luck finding a daytime job.
I have applied for at least 15 jobs, but they all require evening work and I can't give up my dance-teaching (although I may have to if nothing turns up...).
Hopefully some better luck will turn up for us soon.
On a much more interesting note, I am looking into grad schools to consider for the fall of 2010. I would love to get a Masters in Choreography or Dance Therapy, if we choose to move out of Oklahoma and incur some major debt :) . Laban looks quite good- and I would love to live in the UK. I guess we'll wait and see. Although I can't believe this year is close to half over!

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