Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nearly June!?

How is May almost gone already!? Even though time passes so slowly when I am bored at work, time really does fly by.

Austin and I have had a great start to our summer. We are enjoying getting to see each other more often than when we both have school and work. It's SO nice!

We also adopted a new kitty and named her Zoe. We didn't intend to adopt her (I'm not lying...). She showed up on our doorstep one night when we were finishing yard work and she didn't want to leave. She had no identification tags so we put up 'CAT FOUND' posters. No calls... So we took her to the vet to check her health and now we've decided to keep her. She gets along fairly well with our other cat, Dan, and our pup, Ponce.

We've also had plenty of visitors already this summer. Austin's cousin Tiffany visited us. We spent the whole day shopping, getting manicures (not Austin...), ice skating, and attending a dance recital of the studio I teach at. Now Austin's brother, Alex, is vis
iting. They are playing video games and probably will be until the wee hours of the morning. Joy.

While they have been playing video games I have been searching for swimsuits. I LOVE this J.Crew swim top, but I am not quite finished searching all of my favorite swim sites... Its a very pretty color, though...

Tomorrow I look forward to getting a haircut, possibly seeing my parents, telling my brother
and sister-in-law 'happy 1st wedding anniversary', and cooking for some friends. Happy Memorial Day!

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  1. i LOVE that top! cute. can't wait til' tonight! i'm glad we decided on tonight, get-togethers with friends are a must on memorial day : )


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