About Leslie

Hello there. I'm Leslie.

Born in california, grew up in oklahoma.
 I met my husband in high school band in and we got married 5 years later on 8-8-08.
We honeymooned in greece and it was one of the coolest trips I've ever taken.
 I hold a bachelor's degree in dance performance & a minor in violin performance from uco.
I also earned an international wedding planning professional certificate.
I have taught at multiple dance studios in edmond and oklahoma city.
I performed and choreographed with perpetual motion dance for 2 years.
I've also worked in child care, shoe retail, and wedding planning.
I'm currently pursuing an MFA in dance studies at TWU.
I also teach at TWU: ballet and dance appreciation.
I have a serious seahorse fetish.
I love pretty much everything martha stewart.
I'm kind of a geek. I love all things related to lord of the rings, harry potter, star wars, battlestar galactica, doctor who, game of thrones... I'm a very odd human being, but I don't mind.

My husband and I have 3 wonderful pets: 
ponce (de leon) our dog, dan our eldest cat, and zoe our youngest cat.  you will see them often.
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