Monday, August 12, 2013

Iceland Vacation: Day 2

Our second day in Iceland was spent in Reykjavik. Our day consisted of a planned 10am whale watching tour followed by pylsur for lunch, lots of street wandering, and a delicious dinner back at the hotel. The city has tons of unique artsy shops and clothing shops (as well as a healthy dose of overly touristy ones). Ten awesome reasons to visit Reykjavik:

1. the coast and its wildlife
2. the delicious food options
3. Hallgrimskirkja
4. awesome street art everywhere
5. walkable shops and eateries
6. Tjornin Lake
7. the National Museum of Iceland
8. listening to the Icelandic language
9. snappy hipster culture
10. pylsur

leaving the port for our whale and puffin watching

 sailing off to sea

 adorable puffins

 dolphins - we also saw minke whales

 Tjornin Lake complete with swans

lemon avocado smoothie & coffee bar next to our hotel

 a colorful residence

a tunnel inside of a shop / my delicious veggie quiche, salad, and barley dinner

learn how to tie your tie on the street / listen to Sigur Ros

pylsur - the Icelandic hotdog - way better than American / "meet us don't eat us" - the whales

Pretty tempting place, eh?

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