Monday, April 1, 2013

good day, april!

Why hello, fourth month of the year! Pretty soon it will be the end of my 2nd year of grad school... then the 4th of July... then my last year of grad school will begin in August... then I'll turn 27 in November... and then it will be holiday time... eeeek! Time flies.

I was loving the weather today. We danced outside in modern because we are preparing for our Arts Triangle performance outside on Thursday. It was nice but it got hot fast! 

Our dwarf pomegranate bush is greening up and blooming. I'm crossing my fingers we may be able to eat this year's fruit! Maybe this weekend I'll buy a few flowers for my 2 big flower pots out front. If only I had a green thumb to grow something like this...

Or this...

We'll see. Wish me and my brown thumb some luck.

Images via here and here.


  1. Such beautiful photographs!


  2. I was just thinking the other day how fast the year is going by. A pomegranate bush?! Lucky!!!


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