Thursday, February 28, 2013

labyrinth of life

Hint: you won't. Not that it's a bad thing. These past nearly 2 weeks have been pretty consistently happy, productive, and exciting. I somehow got out of a little slump and into a happier place, but I'm not sure what caused me to get out of the slump! I think something just clicked in my head - stop trying to get everything done, constantly living in the future, disliking whatever task I'm working on at the time. I'm doing this grad school thing and I'm learning more than I ever expected, especially in such a short amount of time. And I get to do things I love, be around cool artists all the time, and make money at the same time. I'll take it! No need to get me out of this labyrinth just yet - I'm enjoying the crazy things I'm finding along the way. 

And if I do still have a rough day for some reason, I can just look at this picture Austin drew of himself on the Valentine's Day card he gave me:

Pretty awesome.


  1. i think life will always be a labryinth, we should just get used to it i guess!

  2. YES! So glad you're feeling better!


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