Sunday, December 2, 2012

merry december

It is that time again. Time to bring out the trees, the wreaths, and the cookies! I'm so excited for the month to come - I've got an early start to my holiday baking. Tuesday I'm going to a neighbor's cookie exchange. I'll be making choco mint snappers. I'm sure once Austin is home for the break I'll be making sugar cookies :)  

picking out a tree with my parents at the Christmas tree farm

Our tree is up!  I think this will be its last year.  
It's had a good run (5 years) but with a few broken branches and empty spots I think a new one will be nice next year!

Dan enjoys sleeping under the tree (and chewing the lower branches).
Zoe likes to sleep IN the tree... 

Made some bon bon cookie's for a friend's Nov 30th birthday :)

Compared to our neighbors, our lights are humble.  But it's not a competition, right?
I like our white lights and wreath :)

Happy December from my home to yours!
(yes, I stole that from Martha Stewart...)

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  1. I loooove sugar cookies, I can't wait to make some Christmas tree shapes ones soon! And your lights look lovely, I prefer them less over the top!

    louisejoyb x


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