Thursday, October 11, 2012

september highlights

Whew - I've been swamped with school and work lately!
I wasted time adding up how many hours per week I'm busy:
20 working
19 classing
15 rehearsing
6 commuting
 = (not including homework) 60 busy hours 

September was eventful.  Other than class, rehearsal, and work I try to always make time to play with my furries, bake, and visit friends and family.  Highlights of September:

many hours spent in dance studios at TWU

ponce excited about his new halloween toy

many hours spent grading at the computer

fat cat, tiny cat :)

beautiful september sunset

weekend dinner with friends liz, will, and austin

liz and I made our own all natural facial toner - ahhhh

I made an apple tart with a bundle of apples my mom gave me

enjoyed an evening watching doug varone's dancers in dallas - wowsa

Austin's birthday was on the 5th of October.  We celebrated with friends at Texas Roadhouse in Denton and then visited and had Austin's annual funfetti cake :)  Pics coming soon, they just aren't on my computer yet!

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  1. You're living the dream!!!

    But really, take care of your body. You have so much going on in your life- no time for sickness or injury!


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