Monday, September 3, 2012

doctor who?

Yesterday evening I officially finished watching the entire 6 seasons of Doctor Who.  It is an awesome show - a very British awesome show!  It can be a little cheesy complete with mannequins coming alive to kill people and the uncleverly named "Cybermen"... but I don't mind the cheesiness.  It is clever, interesting, humorous, and fun.  I highly recommend it!

"The future pivots around you.  Here.  Now.  So do good.  For humanity.  And for Earth."  
-The Doctor

"Once every five years everyone chooses to forget what they've learned."  - The Doctor

"When you've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth."  -Elliot

"The universe is big.  It's vast and complicated and ridiculous.  And sometimes - very rarely - impossible things just happen and we call them miracles."  
-The Doctor

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