Sunday, August 26, 2012

let's do this

Year 2 of grad school... here I come!

I've completed 37% of my MFA,
I only have 16 months of coursework to go,
and only 8 more months of theory courses... 
then it is time for my project & professional paper!
Bring it on.

01. Roger Rossell via Pinterest  02. here via Pinterest

Monday, August 20, 2012

this is me

One of my life goals is to run a half marathon.  I started running a few weeks ago and then BAM... the next week I was at the cupcake shop again.  Oops.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

anniversary date

Since our anniversary fell on a Wednesday this year we had date night the weekend before.  We ate dinner at Ziziki's in Plano (thanks to a gift certificate from my parents) and then got Sprinkles cupcakes.  I'd never been there before but wanted to go since we moved here a year ago.  Oh my goodness they were amazing.  And I'm one tough cupcake judge.

{off to Ziziki's for date night}

{delicious Sprinkles cupcakes}

For our actual anniversary day I went up to Oklahoma City to visit Austin since he has to work up there during the week.  It just happened to storm and knock down numerous huge power lines at my brother's house (which is where Austin stays and was where I was going to stay).  I had Ponce with me so we had to find a pet-friendly hotel.  There goes $100 we weren't planning to spend!  Since we had to check out of the hotel the next day and my brother's house wasn't an option, we had to keep Ponce in the car with us everywhere we went.  Easy lunch decision: Big Truck Tacos!  My friend Erin introduced us to it and we're very thankful for that.  I had made Austin some home made sugar cookies (his favorite) in elephant and heart shapes :)  Tasty. 

{mixing up some sugar cookies}

{home made sugar cookies for austin}

{ponce enjoying his first hotel stay}

Last year the power went out on our anniversary when we lived in Oklahoma City.  The two anniversaries before that we were on vacation and had no problems.  We've decided we'll just have to celebrate our anniversaries on vacations in order to avoid huge power outages...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

four years

Four years ago today I married a wonderful man.
I'm so happy we've had each other to lean on through all of the happy times and hard times.
I love Austin for his ever-growing intelligence, offbeat humor, commitment to the values he believes in, and his never-ending love and support for his family.  

Now for a short trip back in time...

{beautiful day outside}

{went off without a hitch}

{8 is a lucky number in chinese culture}

{loved our wedding cake}

{I was worried - but he was nice!}

{Austin's mom during his memorable toast}

{my dad, aunt, and mom during Austin's toast}

{wonderful evening full of fun}

{we danced a lot}

{perfect wedding... off to the honeymoon}

Photos by Wedd Photography
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