Friday, July 13, 2012

San Francisco {part 1}

I'm here!  I've been away from my blog to San Francisco and then family was visiting and I was catching up with work.  But I'm back!  

San Francisco was great!  It was nice to be out in 60 degree weather rather than 100 degree weather for a week.  Here is where I was dancing each day: the ODC Dance Commons in the Mission District.

{main entrance}

 {outdoor deck area}

Janice Garrett's dance workshop was mentally challenging, physically intense, and a lot of fun. Her technique classes and choreography are extremely intricate, physical, and musically influenced. It is definitely a style I thoroughly enjoy viewing as well as dancing. We learned excerpts from String Wreck. See an excerpt of a piece I really enjoy, Illustrated Book, here. I wish I could dance 6 hours a day at such an intense level on a regular basis. My dancing would be improving consistently and I'd be in better shape! If only I lived in San Francisco... or Sausalito...

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