Monday, June 18, 2012

sugar free

Inspired by our friends Erin & Michael, Austin and I decided to go completely sugar-free this week.  I don't simply mean I'm cutting dessert out after dinner... I mean everything with a single gram of sugar is cut.  SO many of our everyday foods have a good amount of sugar in them:
pre-packaged turkey
wheat thins
dried fruits
peanut butter
cereal bars
and of course all of my favorite treats like chocolate!
So we are on a quest this week to see what it is like to not eat any of these things.  We had to stock up on fruits and veggies at the grocery store (we aren't counting naturally occurring sugars - that would be ridiculous).  

Day 1 started out not too shabby with some sugarless homemade biscuits and blueberries.  As the day went on it got more difficult.  It is 8pm now and I'm dying to have a cookie or piece of chocolate!  I'm going to make it though... at least through Sunday!


  1. great job!! the first few days are the hardest, but you can do it!!

  2. You can do it, I know you can!!!! You are the most dedicated person. The fact that you're even attempting this speaks volumes about your self discipline.


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