Saturday, June 9, 2012

baby epidemic

My baby fever has been upgraded to a baby epidemic.  This is serious.
I got this catalog in the mail on Tuesday:
I never requested it!  I took it as a sign... :)

Last night, after Austin and I had a date night consisting of Fuddrucker's and a Mario Kart tournament, we compiled a huge list of baby names and we discussed them all.  We now have our #1 boy and girl names in place, though I probably have a good 50 of each in case we change our minds (since we won't be having a baby for at least 2 years...).  Austin thinks I'm being a little over-the-top with my baby epidemic. But I think if he is willing to have hours of conversation over baby names, he probably has a little baby fever himself.  Just sayin'.  


  1. Oh, I love baby fever! What are the names?!

    1. The names are to remain a secret for now... Austin has a superstition about telling people the name before we actually have a baby :) Though I want to blurt it out and tell everyone!

  2. Haha wow! I'd say he does if he's willing to discuss it : ) Michael has more baby fever than I's scary. Can't wait to hear your names someday!


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