Wednesday, May 30, 2012

need a vacation

Really really really really really bad.
I'm sick and tired of my situation right now.  I'm ready to be done with school and I don't know if I can take 2 more years of this insanity.  It is absolutely ridiculous.  I'm learning a lot and making a lot of new, great connections.  But sometimes I think it isn't worth it because of all the anxiety and stress I have to endure.  Since when did people become so rude, quick-tempered, uncommunicable, and downright disrespectful?!  I've been dealing with this a lot lately in multiple aspects of my life.

I was a lot more at ease before I moved here ... I was working full time at two different things I enjoyed immensely and I was having a blast performing with a dance company.  Should I quit and go back to that?  No, I suppose not.  Though today it would have been very tempting to do just that (and many other days it has been equally tempting).  If I quit grad school I would majorly regret not completing my MFA (which I have now earned 37% of!) ... I really do want to see what doors this will open for me.  I just need to keep this in mind at all times:

I don't want to waste the next 2 years being miserable so I need to find simple, enjoyable things to keep me going when all I want to do is blow up (... pets... baking... pinterest... swimming pool...)

Austin and I are planning to take a fun trip for just the two of us next year.  It will be wonderful I can already tell.  I just wish it started tomorrow and not a year from now!  

I think I'd be a lot less anxious if I could work from here everyday...

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

may happenings

I haven't blogged for nearly 3 weeks - yikes!  I've been busy with work, school, and social happenings and haven't caught up.  So I will catch you up now!  

May 4  - went to OKC for Ali & Colter's wedding!  The Time Machine Band was so much fun.
May 8  - took my first Ananda Yoga class at The Yoga Hut in Denton.
May 10 - finished my first year of grad school!
May 12 - Ponce rolled on a mound of fire ants.  Off to the emergency animal hospital.
May 13 - birthday party at Amie's!  Discovered there is a beer I like.
May 15 - took an aerial class, but not the same as Perpetual Motion...
May 16 - made chocolate peanut butter surprises with Will & Liz!
May 19 - late Mother's Day celebration in Oklahoma!
May 21 - visited the Oak St. Draft House in Denton.  Very cool.  And I like another beer.
May 22 - visited the new NV Cupcakes in Denton.  This could be bad...
May 23 - free summer ballet class at TWU!  Join us every Wednesday at 6:30.
May 24 - home made ravioli with Melissa & Amanda... delicious!
May 25 - "Limitation Breeds Possibility" - the end of Amii LeGendre's 2-week dance workshop.
May 26 - went to the pool with Austin.  So refreshing!

On tomorrow's agenda: cookout with our new grill Maggie & Larry gave us!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

trivial pursuits

My newest work, entitled Trivial Pursuits, premiered yesterday in Dance208 at Texas Woman's University!  I was very pleased with the result.  I had a wonderful performer, Hanna Moore, to work with all semester.  I've decided that making choreography is extremely difficult (at least for me).  I feel like it is never fully investigated or realized.  Even when it has to be.  Hanna performed the dance wonderfully and brought many ideas to the work, but after viewing it in the two different shows, I can still think of many new ways of approaching the work.
Nothing is ever finished, I suppose!

Photos by me :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

may day

Happy May today!
I just finished my last assignment of the semester (or so I think).
I'm officially 1/3 through grad school - oh yes.  

Now I'm ready for a non-homework-filled summer.  I feel like every summer I tell myself it is going to be relaxed and easy going but it never ends up quite so care free.  Things come up and even though there is no homework there are still chores to be done and money to be made.  Therefore, I'm not making any extraordinary goals for my summer.  I think that giving myself too many unnecessary expectations stresses me out and in turn I accomplish less.  I'm going to take things as they come ... though I am hoping to read as much Game of Thrones as I can the next few months :)

Welcome, warm months and summery drinks!
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